Behavioral Science

The Anywhere Office: Introducing Cogito’s Office Optional Policy

September 11, 2020

When COVID-19 hit, like many companies, Cogito sent folks home quickly, assuming the quarantine would last for a…

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Cogito Receives Industry Recognition for Advancements in AI Coaching Technology for Enhanced Customer Service

July 31, 2020

The global pandemic and social unrest have reshaped our lives, business and the future of everything. And it…

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Supervising from Afar: Managing Frontline Employees Remotely

July 6, 2020

With many employees working remotely for the foreseeable future, workplace dynamics have drastically shifted. And, the reality is,…

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The Future of Human Interactions and the Role of Technology

May 19, 2020

COVID-19 has changed so many parts of our daily lives, but perhaps one of the most prominent shifts…

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AI Is Not Coming For Your Job, But It Will Change It

April 23, 2020

From autonomous cars to virtual coaches and combatting the impact of COVID-19, artificial intelligence (AI) is rewriting the…

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Guiding the Frontlines of Customer Experience During COVID-19

March 26, 2020

Like numerous frontline workers around the world, call center agents are working overtime to serve customers during the…

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Coaching in the Call Center: Going Beyond A Checklist

March 12, 2020

While every day at Cogito might be different, there is one thing that hasn’t faded in my two…

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The Look of Voice

March 5, 2020

Right now is truly the hay day for speech technology! Major technological challenges like being able to accurately…

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Researchers Identify Nine Types of Human Interruptions in Conversations

February 3, 2020

Cogito researchers analyze millions of calls to better understand how humans communicate in the workplace. Here at Cogito,…

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How Unmanaged Overload and Fatigue Reach The Peak of Burnout

January 22, 2020

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, Dr. Skyler Place, Chief Behavioral Science Officer at Cogito,…

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