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In this series of short videos, Cogito employees share their insights on the topics you want to hear about. Topics include the rise of remote work, behavioral science, emotional intelligence, and customer experience. Enjoy!

Working From Home

Overcoming the Challenges of Working From Home

Working from home presents some unique challenges, particularly for customer service professionals. Learn how AI is helping remote workers connect with customers in a more reliable, consistent & empathetic way.

The Remote Manager: Supervising in the Age of Remote Work

With the rise of remote work, learn how Supervisors can get through new challenges to support and manage their teams.

Working From Home & Employee Burnout

Recent events have left workers all over the world with large amounts of stress. Learn about Burnout and how to improve employee wellness in this video.

Tips for Work from Home Success

As a remote employee for the past 20 years, Ted shares some WFH tips on how to adapt to the realities of working remotely.

The Importance of Real-Time CX

Hear about the importance of real-time CX measurement as the needs of your customers are rapidly changing

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Uncertain Times

Learn how Cogito is helping remote agents be more effective and forge better customer connections in these uncertain times.

EX Drives CX: Prioritizing Agent Wellness

Jorge discusses how to prioritize employee wellness and how to keep your agents resilient and engaged which drives better performance.

Feedback from the Frontlines of Customer Engagement

Elle & Courtney talk about the feedback they’ve heard from the frontlines of customer engagement over the first months of the pandemic.


The “Energy Cue” Notification

Can AI software tell you when you need a cup of coffee? Learn what Cogito’s Energy Cue is all about and how it energizes agent conversations.

How to Build an Emotionally Intelligent Workforce

How can a company build an emotionally intelligent workforce? Hear about Cogito’s unique approach to this modern challenge in our latest Conversations with Cogito video.

Emotional Intelligence & Cogito

Learn about Emotional Intelligence and see how new technologies like Cogito can help humans be more emotionally intelligent in everyday life.

The “Speaking Slowly” Notification

Humans perceive the world differently than how the world is actually happening. Learn how Cogito’s AI helps to provide an accurate perception of what’s happening in calls.


How to Measure Customer Experience Using AI

How are you measuring customer experience? Learn how artificial intelligence can help you get more actionable CX feedback on every call.

Where is Person Perception Headed?

How can nonverbal cues impact conversations? Find out how leveraging Person Perception can improve call outcomes in call centers.


Understanding the Empathy Cue Notification with a Call Center Agent

Learn how the Empathy Cue works and hear firsthand how it helps phone professionals build emotional connections with their customers.

Explaining Person Perception with an Example from FRIENDS

It’s not always about what you say, but about how you say it. Learn about Person Perception with an example from the television show, Friends.

Customer Experience Scores

See how with Cogito, Customer Experience (CX) scores are measured on every call.

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