Complimentary Analysis for Contact Centers


Empathy as a strategy drives operational efficiency, enhances customer satisfaction and improves employee productivity.  In fact, the average three year revenue impact of a moderate increase in CX for large enterprises is $775 Million. (Temkin Group)


Is your contact center operation set up to deliver empathy to drive this kind of impact?

Curious how your empathy output compares when benchmarked against your industry peers?


If you have a contact center with at least 500 agents, you are eligible for Cogito’s complimentary, no obligation, empathy assessment of your contact center operation conducted by our in-house team of advisory experts.

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  • An Operational Empathy Benchmarking Assessment conducted by Cogito’s Advisory Team of contact center experts
  • A Custom Presentation Readout & Report reviewing your results benchmarked against data from 500+ contact center operational leaders
  • Identified Areas of Opportunity for you to drive more empathy in your customer interactions, remote work strategies and employee wellness

How it Works


  • Click here to answer the Operational Empathy Assessment Survey (it only takes 5 minutes!)
  • Schedule a 30 minute readout call with Cogito’s advisory services team
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Cogito Advisory Team


The Cogito Advisory Team is made up of contact center subject matter experts, each with 15+ years of experience in the customer experience industry.  The team performs operational analysis for contact centers and advises operational leaders at Fortune 500 companies on infusing emotional intelligence into their operations.


Having worked with many Fortune 150 organizations, the team possesses deep enterprise contact center knowledge and routinely advises operational leaders on customer engagement, employee coaching, performance management, customer experience measurement, workforce optimization, process improvement and establishing emotional intelligence centers of excellence.


We welcome the opportunity to review your benchmarked results and areas of opportunity in driving more empathy throughout your customer interactions.

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