Cogito for Customer Service Centers

Empathy in every interaction

Cogito analyzes voice signals in phone conversations and empowers agents to build better rapport on every call.

Increase Call Efficiency

Real-time in call guidance helps agents listen better and speak more confidently and concisely.

Boost Satisfaction

Live alerts assist agents in building rapport by tailoring their speaking style to the needs of each customer.

Gain Unrivaled Insight

Get instant feedback on agent speaking performance and customer perception on every call.

Improve Continuously

Predictive models reveal the behavioral patterns that lead to higher performance.

Deliver superior customer service


Increase in Customer Satisfaction


Decrease in Average Handle Time


Reduction in Customer Callbacks


Increase in Customer Feedback

Elevating customer experience with real-time emotional intelligence

Read this case study to learn how Cogito helped one Fortune 100 health insurer reduce handle times, improve customer satisfaction, and elevate service delivery through real-time emotional intelligence.

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